Hilarious parent selfies

In honour of National Selfie Day on 21 June, we have compiled a selection of hilarious parent selfies –  further proof that like many things, selfies are wasted on the young.

First family selfie

Even the baby manages a well-time smile/gas emission.

First Family Selfie.jpg

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Be cool be cool be cool… 

Dad’s grinning like a loon but Samuel L doesn’t look too impressed.

Samuels Not Impressed.jpg

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Who wore it better?

Extra points to the texta tatts.

The amazing thing? I truly believe that balloon head is in love with him.


Why should Dad have all the fun?

The whole family has a go making fun of the youngest son’s selfie.

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Old skool selfie

This is how we did it in ‘our’ day, sonny.

Polaroid Of Mom And Dad.jpg

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Selfie of a selfie (of a selfie?)

My Mom Sent Me An Email From Estonia Titled "Selfie Of A Selfie"

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Erm…. close enough. 

These clever parents have worked out that you can still produce an impressive shot without spurning gravity.

Having Too Much Fun Or Mom And Dad.jpg

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The biggest perk of first-class travel – taking boastful selfies.

And Zac Efron snoozing in the background.

Selfie With Zach Efron In The Back.jpg

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Awwww… she has her daddy’s nose…


Nose Face Swap.jpg

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Don’t want to fork out for a selfie stick? Use a child instead.

Can't Afford A Selfie Stick.jpg

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Yes son, we’re totally fi-

A college student heard that there was a serial killer on the loose in his hometown. When he asked his parents if they were OK, they rewarded his saintly concern with this very reassuring selfie.

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You know how we mothers are always fighting for time alone in the bathroom?

The following two mums show that if you can’t beat them, join them. Why should a clingy child get in the way of a good selfie?

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Baby got back. And front. 

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Very strange bedfellows

Mums generally warn their daughters against waking up in a stranger’s bed. However, this mum might have to eat her words.

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