Know your emojis? Take our quiz and see!

A picture of various emojis for Emoji Day

Emoji Day 2019 is taking place on July 17th. Take the Stuck On You Emoji Quiz to find out how well you know your weird little icons.

Most of us have used emojis at some point in our textual lives. But do you know what they really mean? In honour of World Emoji Day—tomorrow, July the 17th—take our quiz to find out how emoji-savvy you are!

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

QUIZ: What do the following emojis convey?

1.Neutral samsung

  • Neutral
  • Slightly cross
  • “My lips are sealed”

2.Expressionless apple

  • Sleepy
  • Neutral
  • “No comment”

3.hugging apple

  • Hugs
  • “I surrender”
  • Jazz hands!

4. worried mozilla

  • Worried
  • Sad
  • Confused

5. Mad samsumg

  • Frustrated
  • Cold morning
  • When sneezes go bad

6. nerd fb

  • Nerd
  • Optometrist
  • Uncle Melvin

7. hot spring ms

  • Hot springs
  • A hot apple pie
  • Hot poop

8. smug apple

  • Flirt
  • Smirk
  • Smug

9. love hotel apple

  • Hospital
  • Home sweet home!
  • Love hotel

10. crazy apple

  • Crazy eyes
  • Dizzy
  • Gritted teeth


  1. Neutral, not giving away a particular emotion.
  2. “No comment”. Different to the neutral emoji, this face denotes a deliberate display of “no comment”.
  3. Hugs, or offering a hug.
  4. Both worried and sad.
  5. Frustrated … or steaming mad.
  6. Nerd.
  7. Hot springs. This symbol is commonly used to represent an ‘onsen’ (Japanese hot spring) on maps.
  8. Trick question, they are all correct! Emojipedia describes the Smirking Face as a “sly smile, often used with a sexual, or smug connotation.” Psst. We always thought this was a wry smile, so we’re pretty sure we’ve sent this to bosses and countless other innocents. Awkward.
  9. Love hotel, which is a hotel that can be hired ‘by the hour’—if you know what we mean. Because some people assume the ‘H’ on the building stands for Hospital, this emoji is often used mistakenly to convey sweet ‘get well’ sentiments. Get well indeed!
  10. Crazy Face, also known as ‘Crazy Eyes’, ‘Excited’ or ‘Wild’.

For more emojis and their original, intended meanings, visit Emojipedia.

How well do you know your emojis for Emoji Day? Let us know in the comment section below. And if you’re in the mood for some other quizzes, then find out which donut or Royal you are.